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Information sheet for Connected Courses Project

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Authored and provided by Jonathan Worth and Anne Preston

Information Sheet for Phonar Accelerator Open and Connected Class


We would like to invite you to take part in a project that uses some of the digital environments and their networks less often associated with traditional teaching and learning.  Before you decide to provide your consent for this, it is important for you to understand what it will involve. Please take time to read the following information carefully.


What is this project about?

The project studies the teacher’s teaching and the learner’s learning, both within the classroom and online in associated social spaces like Twitter, Instagram etc and via blogs.


What is the purpose of this research?

The project sets out to identify where the best learning happens within the traditional classroom with access to the internet and online in social environments. It does this from both the learners perspective , so how might we understand how and where our learning happens and also from the teachers perspective, so how might we be better teachers, who can teach both with the internet and of the internet.


Who is conducting this research?

This research is being conducted by me, Jonathan Worth in collaboration with your instructor. I have over twenty years experience working as a photo journalist and am aware of the associated difficulties that some communities have in participating in their own representation. I am very experienced in discussing difficult topics in both closed and public environments and managing those trust relationships. I am also a UK National Teaching Fellow and so speak on education matters and act as mentor to other teachers.


Who are we looking for?

Learners and teachers of any age willing to try both the technologies and techniques detailed and then share their experiences of doing so.


How would the participant take part and what would happen in the class?

The session’s are framed by big questions but then move the learner quickly to action. Each session aims to provide the learner with a practical tool (new skill) and a thinking tool (new perspective). Emphasis is placed on peer support and sharing thoughts, both reactive (via Twitter) and reflective (by blogging), both with the class room, and with the international class network.


What information (data) will you be collecting?

We would like to:


o   collect teacher and learner information through an online questionnaire prior to the course start

o   collect teacher and learner information through an online questionnaire at the course end

o   document the participant’s activities in the different channels by collecting their class contributions onsite (in the class) and online (via social media environments like Twitter and blogs).






Are there any risks?

This study is of minimal risk to participants. Should you feel distressed or uncomfortable as a result of participating in the class, you can bring it to our attention and we will ensure that every effort is made to address your concern in order to ensure the process is an enjoyable and positive experience for all involved.


How will the information I give be kept and used?

The information listed above will form part of academic and non-academic conference presentations and publications about the project. The consent form attached to this information sheet details the different levels of agreement which you can select as regards the extent to which you consent for this information to be shared via these different channels. The information will be stored securely at Open Lab, Newcastle University.


What if I change my mind or have questions?

Its important that you know that at any time, even during or after the class that you can ask questions, stop taking part, or withdraw from the class completely.


If you have any questions please contact either myself   Jonathan Worth or Anne Preston


School of Computing Science | Open Lab | Floor 3 | Newcastle

University | 89 Sandyford Road | Newcastle upon Tyne | NE1 8HW


or by email:






After reading this information, if you would like to take part in the project, please complete the informed consent form. You will be provided with a copy of the form for your own records and the one copy will be kept by  me.