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Why I teach

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Why do I teach? Do I teach? Is calling it facilitating learning just playing with words or acknowledging a deeper truth?

I don't have to teach. I am University Chemistry Lecturer. It's sufficient for me to simply present a list of content, interspersed with the occasional concept that might turn up in the final examination and call it a lecture. In fact, if you look at the last few years of past papers you can probably forego the lectures and make a more efficient prediction of what you need to prepare. If I do lecture in an edutaining fashion and throw in the odd humourous anecdote I can guarantee myself a favourable evaluation score. I don't call that teaching and I don't call predicting examination questions and cramming possible answers into short term memory learning.

So why do I teach? I teach because I want students to be able to apply concepts to solve unseen chemistry problems years after they graduate.